About our Tactical Vote campaign

Our future will be decided on 12th December. The result of this election could send our country to a catastrophic no-deal Brexit with Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage leading the charge. Which could mean this is the last ever U.K. general election, because Scotland and Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU. But we can stop that happening. We can vote tactically to elect a majority of pro-Europeans to parliament - regardless of which party they belong to.

Enter your postcode to find out who to vote for in your area. See how a tactical vote where you live can change the future of Britain.

Use your vote tactically for the pro-European candidate in your area with the best chance of winning. We can only stop Brexit if we get pro-European MPs elected. And that means getting informed, and voting tactically.

Best for Britain leads the way on tactical voting. In the last general election, our tactical voting website was seen by millions. Tactical voting made sure Theresa May did not get the majority she wanted and paved the way for the government to be defeated again and again on Brexit. In May 2019 we helped millions more choose who to vote for in the European Elections. And we got more pro-Europeans elected than Brexiters.

Our tactical voting recommendations are based on advanced seat by seat data analysis and a poll of more than 46,000 voters. That makes it more accurate than all other voting advice sites.

We have complemented this data with voting records, pledges and other local intel about each seat.

Enter your postcode and find out which candidate standing in your area has the best chance for you to get a pro-European MP elected.