I voted tactically! Now what?

Will you be the first to write to your new MP?

Tactical Voting

What is the best tactical vote where I live?

2 in 3 people can’t name which party is likely to come in second place where they live. Tactical voting only works if you know who the current MP is, local factors, and the latest polling. GetVoting gives you this vital information.

Voter ID

What Photo ID should I bring?

What you need to bring with you when you vote has changed. Find out what ID is valid and set a reminder.

Boundary Checker

What changed where I live?

The boundaries of every constituency in Great Britain have changed and some have a new name. Find out how the political landscape has changed in your area.

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We need to raise £125,000 to reach people in key constituencies before they cast their votes.

Our Record

Who are we and what do we do?

More information about who we are, what we do outside of elections and how accurate and impactful our tactical voting campaign was at the last election.