Who runs GetVoting?

GetVoting is a tactical voting and voter information campaign from the team at Best for Britain. GetVoting is the only tactical voting campaign with its own polling and data. At the 2019 general election we predicted the highest place candidate correctly in 97% of seats.



What is Best for Britain?

We are the researchers, data scientists, strategists, and activists, fixing the problems Britain faces after Brexit.

We conduct polling to help politicians lead debate, not follow it.

We design policy for whoever is in government, today or tomorrow.

And we give voters the tools to speak to, and persuade, those in power.

We believe that when we change minds we change politics for the better.

And that all of this is Best for Britain.

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How can I contact you?

You can send an email to [email protected]

Please make sure you have read about our data, and the frequently asked questions, before getting in touch.

And remember that our tactical voting recommendations are not published until Monday 17 June 2024. This will also reveal the latest MRP polling, allowing the general election campaigning to influence the voting intention result.

You might not agree with the polling or tactical voting recommendations we publish – although please do bear in mind that in 2019 we correctly predicted the highest placed candidate in 97% of seats, and we urge all users to use more than one source of information before voting.

We always take the strongest action against those who send abusive messages to our staff and volunteers. Our team dedicate their time to changing politics for the better  – please don’t be part of the problem.