About us

Get Voting, powered by Best for Britain, provides up to date information and data so you can cast your vote with confidence, and get it right on election day. Get Voting lets you check how your constituency has changed since the last election, what the new photo ID rules are and how the parties are placed in your area before you decide how to vote.

Get Voting exists to make sure all voters are informed about how the election system has changed in the five years since the last election because we believe every voter should be able to cast their vote freely and confidently. Get Voting brings together detailed information about your local area and the level of support for each of the parties in your constituency so you can make an informed decision about which party’s candidate you want to vote for.

As well as sharing constituency-level opinion polling data, Get Voting will make tactical voting recommendations in certain areas for the party we have identified as best-placed to stop the Conservative candidate winning. We believe the UK needs a new government.