Tactical Voting

You live in Chorley

We can’t display tactical voting information for Chorley because Lindsay Hoyle MP is the Speaker of the House of Commons.

Originally Lindsay Hoyle was elected as a Labour MP, and in November 2019 he became the Speaker of the House of Commons.

That means that in elections the main political parties don’t stand against him.

What is the Speaker of the House of Commons?

The Speaker of the House of Commons chairs debates in the Commons chamber. The holder of this office is an MP who has been elected to be Speaker by other Members of Parliament. During debates they keep order and call MPs to speak.

Does this mean I don’t get a vote?

Yes, and no.

It does mean that people in Chorley have almost no chance to change who their MP is. Some people find this frustrating and have called for the way a Speaker of the House of Commons is chosen to be changed, so that people in that MP’s local constituency don’t lose their ability to affect an election.

But, the election does still take place and you can vote for Lindsay Hoyle if you want to. It won’t affect the outcome of the election though, and so we can’t make tactical voting recommendations here.

Do any other parties stand against the Speaker?

Yes, they might. Although most political parties do not stand against the Speaker, there is no law to stop a party standing against them. So you might find smaller, or newer, fringe parties decide to stand. And you will be able to vote for them at the election. No parties that GetVoting might recommend will be standing.